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CFAS Autumn 2019 Journal

So, what’s Inside our Autumn Edition?

Page 4 – Welcome to Workplace Health
Page 8 – Current affairs
Page 16 – Industry News
Page 18 – Design Junction
Page 21 – Product News
Page 26  – Storage
Page 30 – Events
Page 31 – Services


Page 5 – Nurture Employee Health and Wellbeing
Page 6 – Incorporate Movement in Your Working Life
Page 9 – Children, the Future Leaders of our Country
Page 10 – Wellbeing of Employees
Page 20 – Fairfield Hall Revitalised
Page 26 – Guildhalls New Bespoke Changing Room
Page 29 – Moving Away from the Traditional Filing Cabinet


Welcome to CFAS – Commercial Furniture Advisory Service


I hope you enjoyed your Christmas and New Year break, we wish you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Our year starts with lots of exciting news. Upon circulation of our winter journal, we will be changing our company name from OFAS – Office Furniture Advisory Service to CFAS – Commercial Furniture Advisory Service (OFAS t/a CFAS).  We have thought long and hard about this, acknowledging that OFAS has over 35 years in the industry, originally only supporting the office sector, whereas today we support all sectors of the furniture market: hospitality, educational, healthcare, contract and office. This change comes at a time when we are also instigating many improvements and additional services for our associates, providing industry information, practical advice, plus marketing and promotional opportunities.


The world is changing, the stresses and issues faced are different, market, environmental, economic, social and technical pressures are growing, so here at OFAS (soon to be CFAS) we have taken on board a Non-Executive Director to help us develop more tools and services to better support you. We feel this change will also provide additional brand awareness for our associates, as they are often considered as ‘office’ only manufacturers/dealers, when in fact they too are involved in many sectors.

Our industry has many challenges and opportunities, seasonality and key times, so we thought we would match this with our quarterly journals each having a theme relevant to our market. If you are subscribed to our free journals, you will receive our first edition (Winter 2018) featuring Educational Space shortly. Historically, educational furniture was totally different from any other sector, unlike today, where other than nursery and early years, there is a blurring of edges with educational, office and hospitality interiors. The 2019 journals will be themed:


• Educational Space
• Planet Health
• Public Space
• Workplace Health
• Clerkenwell Design Week – MINI JOURNAL
• 100% Design, London Design Week – MINI JOURNAL
• All standard sections will also be included in each issue, so no one misses out.

Paula Marshall, our new Non-Executive Director, has been surveying members to understand their business challenges or sales and marketing dilemmas, finding very similar problems being faced whether a manufacturer, importer, reseller or dealer, whether selling a product or service. The changes over the next year reflects the ever developing needs of our members…our website has become even more user-friendly, new services are coming On-board, and we are planning networking events plus many more activities.


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