Superstat Move their Marketing to Subscription-based Service.

Throughout 2018 the Superstat Group will be changing their membership system to a package based service. This is great news for the dealer as each package will be tailored to how they use the group, ensuring they only pay for the services they need.

Marketing is a large part of their offering, and the first change will be moving the purchase of the quarterly Office Life magazine onto a subscription-based service. The move follows what they are already doing with online ordering and email marketing, so this is the next logical step in the roll-out.

Mairi Beaton, Head of Consumer Design and Production at the group, talks about why their marketing is suited to this new service: “Our marketing approach is quite unique in that our main focus is on customer engagement. It is still supported by brilliant pricing, but our number one aim is to make sure dealers are front of mind with their customers so when they come to place orders 2, 3 and 4 – they are the ones they go to. The Office Life magazine is the cornerstone of that. Each quarter we fill it with excellent stories that look at workplace trends, seasonal things that are happening, fun stuff; and it works because it is interesting and relevant to a far bigger audience than a particular price promotion, which relies on the customer being in a position to buy there and then.

Everything we create for Office Life is then run in our email marketing and social media programme, so you can start to see how it is all tied up. Keeping this running in the background over the course of the year and it achieves what we want marketing to do –having our dealers front of mind when it comes to supplying workplace products and services.”

The Superstat team will be talking to their members about the new service over the next few weeks in time for the Q1 deadline of Friday 24 November.

Superstat Announce Next Dates for Regional POP UP Events

We are delighted to announce the next two dates for our regional POP UP events; firstly we’ll be in Greenwich to meet with our Southern members and because we had such a brilliant reception to the event in Glasgow, we’ve added in another date in Bristol to ensure we’re getting around the country and seeing as many members as possible.


Greenwich: Tuesday 14th November 2017 9am – 5pm
Bristol: Wednesday 15th November 2017 9am – 5pm

These events are an opportunity for members in the area to drop by and see us and have one to one time with the Superstat team. Perhaps it’s for a demo of INsight, or to discuss an issue that has been bothering them for a while, the member sets the agenda.

As a Superstat member, if you would like to book a slot at either of the events please email with your preferred time and we’ll get you booked in.

Snap October. Catch up on This Month’s Superstat News

Snap October is now doing the rounds amongst our members; this month we’ve been discussing the BOSS Awards (we’ve got an exclusive ticket price offer for you), adding social media links to INsight emails and where we’re going with our Packaging and Furniture offering in 2018.

Catch up with it all in our Snap newsletter

Goodbye September, you were wet and hello October, please be lovely, sunny and autumnal!

Superstat Approved Supplier Feedback Survey

We are continually reviewing our Approved Supplier programme to ensure that it reflects what our members want to sell. The right products, the right deal … we can only get it right with your feedback.
For 2018 Packaging and Furniture is under the spotlight. We want to know which suppliers you are using, how you feel about current provision and if it is an area you feel worth expanding.
We have created a short survey to gather feedback – please email for the member survey.

Superstat Dealer Group

Superstat Dealer Group

At Superstat we have one single objective – dealer growth – if we don’t achieve that then we are not doing our job properly and it’s as simple as that! We focus on sales. Sales online, sales off line, repeat business and new orders – so it’s no wonder Superstat dealers are growing faster than those outside the group.

All of our initiatives, products and services are interchangeable, whether you are looking to take your business forward online, want to increase margin or want some consultancy to take your business to the next level, you can access it all as a member of the group.


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Connect with your customers through targeted marketing and promotions, with effective lead generating solutions to drive business growth.


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With 20 years’ experience and a proven track record in delivering dealer growth, superstat gives you the resource to accelerate the growth of your business.


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