48 Hour Lead Times for Betatrak®

CMD’s 63A Betatrak® powertrack power distribution system is the ideal choice for flexibility in office environments. And now the company can offer a lead time of just 48 hours on Standard Earth and Clean Earth (C/E) low noise Betatrak powertrack and feed units. (maximum 25 feed units and 50 track lengths)


Available in lengths of 1.2m, 1.8m, 2.4m, and 3.6m, Betatrak enables rapid and robust installation or power distribution networks within the floor void. It is the perfect choice for making offices both adaptable and scalable as occupiers’ needs change.

Please contact CMD for more information – Terms and conditions apply.

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Making Agile Working Easy with Contour

Plugging in and starting work in the agile office is quick and simple with CMD’s Contour on desk power module.

Available with a plastic or metal body, with no visible fixing screws, Contour can be fixed to the desk top, slatwall or tool rail and is available in a choice of white, black or grey to complement any interior décor scheme.

The versatile power module conveniently provides a variety of power, USB charging, data and media sockets, just where the user needs them most.

Futureproofing Offices with CMD’s 63A Betatrak®

Office environments are changing and CMD’s Betatrak® 63A powertrack is a flexible power distribution system that allows change to happen quickly and easily for versatile interior layouts.



Using a click fit method for a fast-fit connection, Betatrak® reduces on-site labour costs and installation times and has colour and key coded tap-off outlets to avoid errors during assembly. For maximum safety, each tap-off operates a shutter on insertion to ensure no accidental contact can be made to an energised powertrack.

It’s the ideal solution for powering offices as workplaces evolve.

Flexible Power Solutions for Work Environments

With an intuitive, simple ‘fast fit’ installation method that reduces on-site labour costs, Rotasoc® from CMD is a modular, reconfigurable workstation power system that enables compliance with BS 7671 requirements for electrical installations or BS 6396 electrical systems in office and educational furniture.

Available in both 32A and 16A versions, Rotasoc has uniquely designed socket modules with 32A internal busbars that do not require internal wiring, offering unlimited 360 degree socket rotation. The system is the ideal solution for versatile, scalable office layouts.

New Capsule Plus Module from CMD Ltd Offers 65W USB Charging

CMD Ltd’s new Capsule Plus PD 65W workstation power module provides type A and C twin port USB adaptive charging with LED indicators. Capsule Plus has two UK sockets and two 3A re-settable circuit breakers. It also has two data blanks that can be modified to include a range of keystone couplers. Available in a choice of black or white, Capsule Plus is supplied with a c-clamp suitable for fixing to desks between 11mm and 30mm.

Flexible Power Distribution from CMD Ltd, When Floor Voids are Limited

CMD Ltd’s Power Hub power distribution system is the ideal choice for office environments with limited or uneven floor voids. Providing flexibility for contemporary workplaces and agile working, Power Hub is a scalable solution that is available in two sizes and with up to four or six tap-offs per hub to enable workstation placement anywhere on the floorplate.

CMD’s Rotasoc® Delivers Flexibility for Office Environments

The modular Rotasoc® under desk workstation power system is still amongst the most popular products in CMD Ltd’s range. With its internal busbar, that do not require internal wiring, it provides unlimited 3600 socket rotation to enable complete flexibility of office layouts and placement of electrical devices.




The modular system is scalable too and easy to reconfigure as needs change, which makes it the ideal choice as office environments continue to adapt to changing working practices and evolving technologies.

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