CMD Ltd Adds Reach Plus to its Reach Monitor Arm Portfolio

CMD Ltd has added to its range of industry leading Reach monitor arms with the launch of Reach Plus.



Available in single or dual screen options, the Reach Plus is suitable for a total combined screen weight of 6kg to 15kg and is perfect for the next generation of curved large screens. With a quick release VESA and top-fixing C clamp for ease and speed of installation, Reach Plus an ideal ergonomic workstation layout. It comes in a choice of silver, black and white.


CMD Ltd’s Chip is Ideal for Adding Charging to the Workstation

Perfect for upgrading workstations with USB charging, the Chip unit from CMD Ltd provides rapid and convenient charging for devices, leaving sockets free for office equipment.

Available in black, grey or white, the Chip 4 Amp USB charger unit provides 2 Amp of dedicated charging per USB socket, enabling fast charging of two devices at the same time. The compact unit fits easily and securely to the desk with a C clamp fixing provided with the unit.

Independently tested to IEC 60950-1, the unit has thermal cut-out and short circuit protection to protect the user and contribute to electrical safety in the workplace or home office.

Plan your office move like a pro


Depending on the office-move, we sometimes work via architects and designers but most furniture packages on refurbishments or new builds are taken out of the construction brief and handled by the client directly with us. This usually offers savings of at least 10-20% of costs and can be much more significant. It also offers an opportunity to create a much more tailored result by having a shorter chain discussion.


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Office Storage by Craftsman Lockers



Tailored office storage made to order in any size, configuration and finish including cupboards, cabinets, pedestals, integrated shelving, lockers, side table storage units, integrated counter tops with units below and more. In addition, bespoke interior and integrated lighting can be provided for any environment. All our storage items can be designed and manufactured with a comprehensive range of opening/closing mechanisms as well as the latest in modern locking systems which include combination, digital and network locking solutions.

Manufacturer/Reseller: Craftsman Lockers | Website: Click here | Phone: 0800 030 6082

What the 21st Century office of the future looked like in the 1960s



We’re used to hearing people predict what The Office of the Future will look like. It’s been going on for a very long time now and each new generation of commentators on the subject comes up with its own forms of wishful thinking, wild generalisations, distorted conclusions and failures to account for the inherent unknowability of future disruptive technology. The best way of reminding ourselves of these pitfalls is not to look forward, but back. Only then  can we see how an image can be refracted and make allowances.


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Staying “cool” with ABL UK

The glorious British summer is here; it’s hot, cold, wet and windy but we all love the long days and summer holidays. The exceptional heat wave we’ve been experiencing has caused some uncomfortable working temperatures, leaving workers up and down the country looking for ways to cool down.

Generally, offices will blast the air conditioning, but this isn’t always the right way, as all employees like to work under different temperatures which is why “on desk” fans are in. On desks fans can be found in many offices, there a great tool to stay cool without affecting your office neighbours.
Desk fans can be battery, mains or USB powered and it is important to consider how the fan will be powered and used before purchasing.  Batteries will need replacing often, especially if the fan is in constant use, so it might be worth investing in rechargeable versions or investing in a USB or mains-powered fan.
Mains powered fans may be able to plug into a desktop power module which allows easy access to plug sockets, without the need to reach under your desk. ABL power modules can be supplied with either 3.15 or 5 amp fused sockets, so check the fuse requirements of your fan before plugging it in – this can usually be found on the plug and we also provide a standard fuse requirement guide below.
If your fan is rated higher than your power module socket, it will need to be plugged directly into the mains supply.
USB powered fans can utilise the Smart Charge component of an ABL power module.  Simply plug your fan into the charging device as you would a mobile phone and turn it on with no need to worry about overloading the socket.
As a rule, any item of equipment rated in excess of 5 Amp, MUST have a separate power supply, therefore items such as Vacuum Cleaners, Kettles, Coffee Makers and Fan Heaters should not be connected via these power modules.
ABL power modules have been designed to facilitate the needs of the office including configurations to charge devices such as phones, tablets and laptops. Whilst additional items such as desk fans can be plugged into modules, it always best to check the Amp usage before plugging in.
If you would like to hear more information on Amp usage, feel free to call our friendly sales team on +44 (0) 1933 400 080 or click here.
ABL helping you work Faster, Tidier and Smarter

Home office update by Solutions 4 Office



Home office update! We’ve been busy with a home study project – a refreshing change of scenery from the corporate office blocks we visit so regularly! Follow Solutions4 LinkedIn

A New Modern Day Office Space – ABL



Modern office trends provide colleagues with a fresh perspective and exciting views on how they work every day. The conventional work space is a thing of the past as breakout areas, gaming rooms, relaxation spaces and making the office “green” is in!

Building an office space which facilitates the needs of your employee is key to help increase productivity! From pool tables to moss on the wall, your employees will reap the benefits from working in a comfortable yet fun space!

ABL are passionate about helping every work space become faster, tidier and smarter by offering a range of ergonomic office furniture accessories including our newly improved smart charge configuration facility allowing the end user to charge a variety of devices quickly and safely.

Whilst providing a modern space in the workplace, companies need to ensure the wellbeing of all its employees by creating a safe environment to work in.  ABL are proud to offer a range of office accessories to help improve and promote health and safety. ABL’s range of monitor arms are carefully designed to easily move and position the screen to the correct eye level to help reduce lower neck pain.

Monitor arms are designed to be ergonomic and space-saving and all ABL arms do just that! With a functional, simple design that is quick to assemble, ABL’s range of flat screen monitor arms offers height and tilt adjustability providing comfort for the end-user. All our arms also feature a new quick release VESA plate and a variety of clamp types making it even easier to install and set up.  All our arms are available as a single and double and some brands can facilitate up to 6 monitors!

Need some further information on our range of ergonomic office furniture? Give our friendly sales team a call on +44 (0) 1933 400 080.


ABL Helping you work Faster, Tidier and Smarter!