Why Moduflex Is Your Perfect Manufacturing Partner – OR NOT!

We know we are not an ideal partner for EVERYONE!

We have found that our ideal client has certain attributes and characteristics that make us a perfect fit for them as a manufacturer in the office furniture, storage and library sectors. Are you an ideal client for us? If so, we are certain that we can add the kind of value that will inevitably lead to winning more business.

First, to identify some of the key characteristics that we look for in an ideal client.

They Are Experts In Their Industry.

Our ideal client knows what they are best at and are considered experts by their customers. They prioritise quality products, exceptional service, new ideas and long-term relationships. They are flexible and quick to solve their clients problems, sometimes before they realise they have one. Behind the scenes they work tirelessly to ensure every project runs as smoothly as possible, knowing that they have our full support should things go wrong. They will always provide the most cost-effective solution, but never at the expense of shoddy service or inferior products.

What our clients say about us? The team at Moduflex have become an extension of our own team and are regarded as trusted advisors, especially on projects that present unfamiliar challenges. They are knowledgeable, reliable, and trustworthy, qualities that we value in our industry.

More testimonials can be found by visiting our HOME PAGE.

They Are Prepared To Take Risks And Are Innovative

Our industry is one where new product development and innovation are at the forefront. Our ideal client is not afraid of developing or promoting NEW products as the market and trends perpetually transform and evolve. They are ahead of the game when it comes to what is a NEW or emerging trend, and are willing to explore opportunities in any industry sector. They realise that one size does not fit all.

What our clients say about us? Our primary concern when selecting and continuing to work with a manufacturing partner is that questions are answered quickly, issues are resolved immediately, and ultimately the client is delighted with the end result. Over a period of fifteen years the Moduflex team have continued to work well with us in delivering projects of all sizes.

Take a look at how we approach out of the ordinary or BESPOKE projects.

They Appreciate That Reality Can Be Challenging

As a result of serving varied market sectors, our clients boast impressive product portfolios and understand that things don’t always go to plan. They are passionate about providing a service that goes beyond the end of the project, and their desire for delivering excellence at every stage of the job is what drives them. They seek speedy resolutions to problems and often look to us for support on the ground when things go wrong, no matter what the cause.

They realise that sometimes they may need support in other areas like Marketing, and we are on hand to provide that too should they ask for it. Details about our Marketing Support service can be found HERE.

What our clients say about us? A reliable, honest and straightforward manufacturer with a strong team who are professional, responsive and extremely helpful. Can adapt to any challenge.

One way that we add value to our clients is through our well established DESIGN Centre.

Our Promise To Our Dealers.

We will continue to invest in new machinery that ensures we are offering the highest quality products and finishes. Our NEW state of the art Homag airTec machine is a great example of how a recently commissioned machine is providing an innovative solution that gives seamless results (shown).

We will work hard to keep up to date with emerging market trends and new product launches to ensure we are poised to respond to your customer requests and challenges.

We will always do what we can to support you in whatever way we can. Before, during or after you make the sale!

If Moduflex could be doing more for you and your customers, CALL US on 01179 822882. We would love to hear how we can help where others have fallen short.

We Manufacture Heavy Duty Shelving Units For Any Purpose

Heavy duty shelving units need to be fit for purpose, sturdy and robust. This bespoke industrial shelving system was designed for Warwick Fabrics UK, who are creators of exclusive furnishing fabrics for domestic and commercial interiors.



This fabrics company needed to house almost 3000 different fabric samples, in a way that would make them easy accessible for issue to clients. Moduflex designed a system to neatly store each sample separately. 17 bays of single sided and double sided shelving each comprised of 3 compartments wide and 19 compartments high, offered sufficient storage capacity for 2907 individual samples.

Our shelving is tested to BSEN 14073-2, and BSEN 14073-3:2004. For more information about how we might develop a storage solution for your specific needs;  e mail: , or call 01179 822882.

So, You Are Running Out of Filing Space, But Have No Room for Additional Storage Units?


Avoid the cost of a new office storage system by installing a solution that increases filing capacity considerably without the need for a totally new system and associated costs.

Filing capacity can be increased without any disruption to records or the infrastructure of the building, with mobile shelving from Moduflex Ltd. Existing shelving can be mobilised and additional bays added to improve capacity, accessibility and aesthetics.

Email us on for further information on how a mobile shelving system could solve your filing capacity issues.

Look No Further for Invisible Joints. Our New Edge Banding Machine is Being Commissioned at the End of April!


The Benefits Of Invisible Joint Edge Banding Technology Are CLEAR To See!

As technology advances, our expectations of quality in manufacturing rise in line with other industries, and rightly so! As a manufacturer of office furniture, storage and library furniture, Moduflex understands that to stay ahead of the game in terms of efficiency and quality in furniture manufacturing, it is essential to invest in machinery that utilises the very latest technology.



This has led to a recent investment in a state of the art machine, and with it the ability to provide our customers with the most innovative finishes in the form of edge banding, that is ‘zero joints’.

Representing high quality, premium value and a modern finish, ‘invisible joint’ is the revolutionary edge banding solution that’s taken the furniture industry by storm, specifically when clients demand high end, top quality edges.

Our NEW state of the art Homag airTec machine is an innovative solution that gives seamless results. Using compressed super-heated, high-velocity air to activate the adhesive layer, airTec technology is a clean, cost-effective bonding method that uses a combination of technically engineered hot air and special edge material to produce the ultimate invisible joint.

For more information, get in touch by Email:, or click to call.