Designing and Pricing Storage Solutions is a Job for a Specialist!

Designing and pricing bespoke storage solutions is a job for a specialist! Moduflex works with experts who specialise in storage solutions across a number of sectors including; Medical, Education, Museums, Libraries, Art Galleries, and of course Workplaces. Whatever you need to store, we have a professional in that field who knows exactly what you need and can help with a quote TODAY.

If you are looking for a manufacturing partner who knows their craft, gives their best price the first time, and has an impeccable reputation for quality and service, please get in touch.

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Library Shelving:

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Go Naked To Save On Mobile Shelving Projects

Go Naked To Save On Mobile Projects.

SAVE 5% – 10% On Mobile Shelving Projects
If you have a mobile shelving project that will happily sit behind the scenes, then you could make significant savings with a galvanised system like this one, recently installed in our warehouse.

Without the need for a painted finish, a galvanised system can be manufactured more quickly offering a really effective solution, and a legitimate way to save between 5% and 10% on mobile projects.


If you have any questions about this finish or would like to see more images of the system shown, please drop us an email on or call on 01179 822882.

More information on mobile shelving can be found on our website:

New Tube Laser Machine Installed and Ready for Action



In times of uncertainty, it may be considered wise to halt spending that might be deemed unnecessary or high risk. In the current climate, new machinery could be perceived as a ‘nice to have’, or ‘let’s wait and see’ investment. We strongly believe the opposite.

The furniture, storage and fitness markets do not stand still, and forward-thinking dealers and end-users have evolved to expect manufacturing partners that embrace and invest in new product development, and who value increasing speed and productivity. By investing in newer, faster equipment, customers get more for their money.


Success demands efficiency, which means responding to the evolving market is essential if we are to continue to thrive. We are committed to investing in machinery that creates more business opportunities for our dealers. This is our NEW tube laser machine. WATCH the video, and see if you can think of how the technology might be applied for your customers.

Moduflex are always happy to hear about NEW PRODUCT ideas and helping you to create more business opportunities. ukmanufacturing machineryinvestment lasercutting


Chairs break, tables get scratched, sofas begin to look worn out. Even with just normal daily use, office furniture ends up with scuffs, tears, nicks, digs and dents. And, then there’s the office furniture that has suffered coffee rings and stains.

At The Primary Group we offer a variety of services that protect new furniture and breathe a second life into your existing furniture. With our repair and refinishing service, you’ll have the smart, cost-savings advantage of reusing existing inventory.

Library Shelving, Furniture, and Study Furniture can be Designed to Enhance Any Space!

Library shelving, furniture, and study furniture can be designed to enhance any space, no matter how big or small.

Moduflex has been creating and manufacturing library shelving systems, and furniture products for libraries around the world for more than three decades.

Our library designers have an extensive portfolio of standard library furniture products to choose from, as well as a growing catalogue of bespoke library products, engineered throughout decades of manufacturing excellence.

Tried and tested library shelving systems
Manufacturing products for projects of any size
Perfect for public libraries, schools, universities and
Ideal for law firms, learning environments, and
personal book collections

GET IN TOUCH if you have a library project that we can help with. E mail, or call 0117 9822882.

Do We Have What it Takes to Be Your Manufacturing Partner?



DO WE HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO BE YOUR MANUFACTURING PARTNER? That may seem like a strange question, depending on how well you know us. Whilst we enjoy an enviable reputation amongst our existing dealers, we are an unknown entity to many. For that reason, we have created marketing collateral that not only provides an alternative to traditional product catalogues, but clearly illustrates the problems that we solve whilst giving readers a glimpse at our history, our approach to doing business, and our readiness to invest in manufacturing. 

READ OUR BLOG POST to find out how to MEET MODUFLEX and access recently launched brochures. Visit our WEBSITE, contact us on 01179882822 or for further information.  

Moduflex – Look No Further for – Invisible Joints


LOOK no further for invisible joints. Our NEW edge banding machine is ready to go! As a manufacturer of office furniture, storage and library furniture, Moduflex understands the need to utilise the latest technology in manufacturing. The ‘invisible joint’ represents high quality, premium value, and a modern finish. This revolutionary edge banding solution is taking the furniture industry by storm. Using compressed super-heated, high-velocity air to activate the adhesive layer, airTec technology is a clean, cost-effective bonding method that uses a combination of technically engineered hot air and special edge material to produce the ultimate invisible joint.


For more information, call us on 0117 9822882, or email

Do You Have a LIVE Furniture or Storage Project That We Can QUOTE For You?

Moduflex Ltd is a trade only manufacturer of office furniture, storage, and library projects, with two manufacturing plants in Bristol. 

Do you have a LIVE office furniture or storage project that we can QUOTE for you? You could WIN TEA FOR TWO at The Shard London by sending the details to us by 28 June 2019. See our website for more information about the products and projects we specialise in, or call 0117 9822882 for more details.

HELP Your Clients to Make Office Furniture Selections for New Office Spaces.

HELP your clients to make office furniture selections for their new or updated office space.

With endless product choices available, new materials and products entering the market continually, and more suppliers than you can easily keep abreast of, it’s easy to get overwhelmed or out of touch when it comes to material and product choices.

We have put together a handy materials guide that outlines the key materials manufacturers use in office furniture design.

This BLOG POST outlines the factors to consider when choosing office furniture, including how to make decisions about materials.