Bringing biophilic design into the workplace is an easy task with Novus.

Our new additions to the Novus range, TRELLIS and Novus CANOPY are ideal for preserved planting which brings plants into the office, without the hassle of maintenance, soil, watering, pruning. Perfect for those without ‘green fingers’.

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Frem Supports the Arts

Frem supports the Arts

Proving that art has a place in every environment.

Be inspired when you walk around our showroom at the style, inspiration, craftsmanship and attention to detail, whether furniture or original artwork.

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Wheelchair Friendly Novus A-Zone Height Settable Bench

Did you know the recommended height for tasks for wheelchair users is 760mm.

Our Novus A-Zone collaboration bench has been designed for inclusivity.


Height Adjustable to a position for the optimum height for all users.

Height Settable at 720mm, 740mm or 760mm, allowing Facilities Managers the benefit of set and forget for team comfort.

Make sure your workplace is, stylish, practical and importantly inclusive for all.

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Frem Opens up their Showroom for Hot Desking


Do you need to hotdesk when you are in Clerkenwell?

Just let us know and we will book you a covid-safe, fully networked Pod, Booth or Hub. Be inspired working in a beautiful showroom, surrounded by craftsmanship in furniture and art.

Showroom opening times: 8:30am-5:30pm

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Adaptable Novus

Our Novus mobile range, which includes a mobile easel inspired us to create our own materials samples trolley. Easily moved around the showroom, this mobile unit holds fabric, steel and board samples, so you can sit in a hub, a booth, or a pod surrounded by samples. Creating your own style has never been easier.

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Height Adjustable Novus A-Zone Bench

What a great reception!

Everyone was keen to see our new Novus A-Zone collaboration bench and to try the silently smooth, easy to use paddle controller.

Each day we saw people having impromptu meetings, enjoying the ergonomic flexibility provided by the height-adjustable system.

Now the showroom is open, come and see for yourself, contact us for details, or view the video.

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Frem Opens up their Showroom for Meetings

Our showroom is too nice to be kept to ourselves!

The large boardroom with the latest interactive technology is available for our customers to book for meetings. Comfortably seating 10, although latest covid-safety social distancing must always be adhered. Self-sufficient with refreshments, coffee machine, and fridge.

Normal showroom hours are 8:30am-5:30pm, with flexibility if required.

Please come and enjoy our showroom as much as we do.

Frem Supports the Arts

Frem supports the Arts has been universally applauded. Visitors love the original artwork, and are genuinely overwhelmed by how well art complements and enhances the furniture.


No need to have boring furniture in your workplace, no need to have a boring interior design.

Visit us to see the latest in blended workplace solutions. Visit us to see stunning artwork exhibited for your pleasure.

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Novus A-Zone Video is Live

The Novus A-Zone, height-adjustable collaboration bench has been launched!

Available to view in our showroom, or via this video ….

Contact us for details:

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