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Put the CFAS talk on your Clerkenwell Design Week ‘to-do list’


Put the CFAS talk on your Clerkenwell Design Week ‘to-do list’ as it will be a time to sit and think about the challenges faces in todays busy, highly competitve and demanding market.  Held on Tuesday 2pm hosted Metalicon in their showroom and Thursday 11am, courtesy of Edge Design in their showroom, CFAS will be presenting some ideas on how to overcome some of the challenges, plus ideas on how to lead rather than follow.


If you cannot make these talks, CFAS will be at CDW all week, so let us know and we can provide you with some helpful advice and areas to consider to not only survive but thrive.  Call  0845 388 7973 or email   It is not only the name we have changed at CFAS, but have instigated many changes, take this opportunity to discover for yourself and lets meet up.

What are the biggest challenges in our industry?


What are the biggest challenges in our industry? CFAS discuss some of these, providing innovative ways to address the issues facing manufacturers, dealers and support services.


How can I get better sales opportunities?

What is social media really all about and do I abandon traditional marketing now?

CSR and Social Responsibility is only for large corporates isnt it?

Save the Planet/green initiatives are just for hippies and Extinction Rebellion  ?

How can I convert my Furniture Experts into becoming sales experts?


Come and join us, get expert advise, and learn about the Commercial Furniture Advisory Service in the process.

Mini Journal – Clerkenwell Special


Count down: 4wks till Journal deadline!

Don’t miss out on being in the Clerkenwell Special Journal

Last submission date: 18th April

** Get your brand in the forefront of potential customers and specifiers **
*** Not attending, don’t miss out on the potential audience, promote your brand **


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