Introducing the New TRM Desk Top Power Module


Introducing the new TRM desk top power module, the first thermal reset power module to be designed and manufactured in Europe.

Available in black or white the TRM comes as standard with two fused thermal reset sockets and an A & C type Smart Charge socket.



The same configuration can be also be supplied as standard with two CAT6A data sockets.

Adding or swapping the CAT6A data sockets with a HDMI or USB data transfer socket can be easily achieved by using ABL PRODUCTION Interchangeable media plate system.

For full details and a competitive quote, please contact your Area Sales Manager, email or call our sales team on 01933 400080.

Ergonomic Accessories is What We Do!

ABL established in 2003 as a small family owned business selling a range of ergonomic office furniture accessories. Two product which remains in ABL’s portfolio includes the FSA formally known as the HAFSA and the DTK power module which has been redesigned and adapted to today’s office trends. (now known as Chroma) Throughout the years, ABL’s brand has significantly changed from the strap lines and logo design, however the ethos of helping the end user work Faster, Tidier and Smarter has been an ever-going motto which we work to even today!

With over ten years’ experience, ABL is known as a reputable supplier of ergonomic office furniture accessories within four product categories – Power Modules, Flat Screen Monitor Arms, Cable Management and CPU Holders.

Flat Screen monitor arms:

Our range of flat screen monitor arms consist of 3 ranges – Strela, the popular FSA and newly released Sigma flat screen monitor arm. Our range of monitor arms are available as single and doubles and meet the needs of the end user as all arms can be positioned to the correct viewing preferences to avoid back and posture issues in the long run.

Power Modules:

ABL’s range of power modules are designed within three categories – in desk, on desk and under desk. Our range includes Chroma on desk power, Port-El in-desk power, PMK under desk, Aero Flip in desk power, Conference in desk and the newly release wireless chargers designed to power QI enabled devices. ABL’s power modules (excluding wireless chargers) are BS6396 certified which means that they comply to British standards. They are also available to configure with a choice of popular configurations including Smart Charge, USB, Data and HDMI to name a few.

Cable management:

Do you have tangled cables under your desk? We have the answer to help you resolve this! ABL’s range of cable management products help organise all those cables neatly to help stop damages and fraying cables. Our popular wire basket and cable spine range is the solution to all your under-desk cable chaos as they allow cables to be added or removed with ease.

CPU Holders:

CPU towers are still used in many offices round the world. Why not protect yours with our popular CPU holder! They have been designed to help maximise space, provide better access to cables/ ports and reduce damages to the PC. Additional products are also available including locking sets which makes it the perfect solution for any office/ educational establishment.

We are always looking for ways to help provide our customers with innovative ergonomic accessories and have some exciting news to help all our customers work Faster, Tidier and Smarter… Watch this space!

ABL’s Latest Flat Screen Monitor Arm – Sigma


Ergonomic office accessories are designed to help the end user work efficiently and safely in the work place. Popular products including cable spines and flat screen monitor arms are becoming more and more popular as they promote a clean, organised and safe work environment. But why should computer screens or monitors be mounted on a monitor arm? ABL’s range of flat screen arms offer a range of benefits and designs to suit the needs of your office.


Did you know that our Sigma Flat Screen Monitor Arm can be installed in under 1 minute and helps promote better back and neck posture in the work place?


Help promote a comfortable work space – Easily move the Sigma flat screen monitor arm range to suit your viewing preferences. The Sigma monitor arm is available as a single or twin arm which can tilt, rotate and easily be adjusted to help support every team members viewing preferences.


Call ABL’s friendly sales team on +44 (0) 1933 400 080 or visit their website – for more information on their range of flat screen monitor arms and ergonomic office accessories. 


Help Promote a Healthy Workspace with ABL’s Cable Management Solutions

ABL’s ergonomic office accessories are designed to help all end-users work efficiently and safely in the workplace, they offer a range of products designed to help improve posture, reduce neck and back pain and promote an organised office desk that avoids trip hazards. ABL’s range of under desk cable management solutions not only help avoid trip hazards but also help maintain a neat and organised office. ABL’s range of cable management products help increase space and reduce cable chaos.

Cable spines – A cable spine is designed to feed all device cables through to under desk power including PC, telephones and charging plugs in order provide a neat and organised desk. The heavy base at the bottom of the cable spine stops it from moving round easily. The cable spine is equipped with 13 increments and cables can be inserted from each side making it easy to remove later if needed. The product length is 790mm and will neatly fold if needed. Available in 3 colours, ABL’s cable spine is a great addition to any office.

Sit/ stand cable spine – ABL’s height adjustable cable spines have been designed to work with the latest trending sit/ stand desks. Work and stay healthy at the same time! These fantastic spines can extend or fold depending on whether you want to stand or sit at your desk. Its flexible design keeps all your cables and wires organised and free from damage and knots. Our sit/stand cable spine are available in 3 colours (black, white & Silver).

Another advantage of using cable spines in the work space is to reduce damages to the cables. Frayed and damaged cables can lead to exposing live wires which is in violation with British Standard 6396. ABL’s cable spines provide individual compartments for different cables which prevents interference and damage.

For more information on ABL’s cable management solutions, call their friendly sales team on (0)1933 400 080.

ABL Helping you work Faster, Tidier and Smarter

Assemble the Sigma Monitor Arm in Under 50 Seconds


SIGMA, the latest edition to our ergonomic range of desk top monitor arms assembles in under 50 seconds! Available in black and white as a single or twin arm.

View our latest installation video below

Click here to watch

Introducing the New Dynamic Monitor Arm



SIGMA, the latest edition to ABL’s ergonomic range of desk top monitor arms, is quick and easy to assemble and facilitates the mounting of single and twin monitors.

SIGMA is lightweight, yet it will still support up to 8kg (single arm).  Tidy cable management is also a key feature with black mounting clips integrated into the arm to avoid unsightly cables dangling.

Available in black or white with black insert clips, SIGMA can be installed easily in minutes, with both edge and through desk clamping options to securely mount to the desk.

Each arm has a reach of 550mm, with VESA centre heights ranging from 45mm to 170mm, making it much easier for users to have screens positioned correctly. SIGMA can easily tilt, swivel and reposition to ensure the correct viewing preferences are met with ease.

SIGMA is a fantastic addition to complement ABL’s range of monitor arms which also includes STRELA which ABL introduced last year alongside their other very popular monitor arm – FSA.

Please call ABL’s friendly sales team on +44 (0) 1933 400 080 for more information on their range of office furniture accessories.

ABL Helping you work Faster, Tidier and Smarter

Staying “cool” with ABL UK

The glorious British summer is here; it’s hot, cold, wet and windy but we all love the long days and summer holidays. The exceptional heat wave we’ve been experiencing has caused some uncomfortable working temperatures, leaving workers up and down the country looking for ways to cool down.

Generally, offices will blast the air conditioning, but this isn’t always the right way, as all employees like to work under different temperatures which is why “on desk” fans are in. On desks fans can be found in many offices, there a great tool to stay cool without affecting your office neighbours.
Desk fans can be battery, mains or USB powered and it is important to consider how the fan will be powered and used before purchasing.  Batteries will need replacing often, especially if the fan is in constant use, so it might be worth investing in rechargeable versions or investing in a USB or mains-powered fan.
Mains powered fans may be able to plug into a desktop power module which allows easy access to plug sockets, without the need to reach under your desk. ABL power modules can be supplied with either 3.15 or 5 amp fused sockets, so check the fuse requirements of your fan before plugging it in – this can usually be found on the plug and we also provide a standard fuse requirement guide below.
If your fan is rated higher than your power module socket, it will need to be plugged directly into the mains supply.
USB powered fans can utilise the Smart Charge component of an ABL power module.  Simply plug your fan into the charging device as you would a mobile phone and turn it on with no need to worry about overloading the socket.
As a rule, any item of equipment rated in excess of 5 Amp, MUST have a separate power supply, therefore items such as Vacuum Cleaners, Kettles, Coffee Makers and Fan Heaters should not be connected via these power modules.
ABL power modules have been designed to facilitate the needs of the office including configurations to charge devices such as phones, tablets and laptops. Whilst additional items such as desk fans can be plugged into modules, it always best to check the Amp usage before plugging in.
If you would like to hear more information on Amp usage, feel free to call our friendly sales team on +44 (0) 1933 400 080 or click here.
ABL helping you work Faster, Tidier and Smarter

The difference between the A+C charge?

ABL Charging


It can be difficult to keep up with fast-paced technological changes, or to know which products are needed to ensure your latest office project is covering all of your customer’s requirements. Choosing an ABL power module can help as our industry expertise means we will always be able to advise and supply innovative and reliable products.

As part of our ongoing product development, ABL are excited to announce our new Smart Charge component featuring both A+C type charging, giving your customers the support needed for their current and future devices.


What are USB-A and USB-C?

Most current and older devices feature a USB-A type port, which is the larger, standard USB connection we are used to seeing. Type-C is the emerging standard for many new devices and features a smaller, reversible connector socket.

ABL Smart Charges have previously been supplied with 2x Type A charging sockets, however the new Smart Charge provides sockets for both Type-A and Type-C and utilises the more powerful USB-PD Power Delivery. Providing both socket types in the Smart Charge means all types of devices, old and new, are catered for and your installations are future proofed.


Who is using Type-C Charging?

C-Type charging is quickly becoming the standard for power delivery in the latest devices.


How much faster is Type-C?

USB-PD can charge your device up to 70% faster than standard charging 5W charging. When you’re looking for an urgent battery boost, a quick 10 minute charge may be all you need!


Why choose and ABL A+C Smart Charge?

ABL works closely with industry leaders to develop products that are custom built for Power Delivery. Engineered for safety, efficiency and durability, ABL cables and chargers are accredited or approved for compatibility.


The new Smart Charge is available for ordering now and  compatible with various ABL power modules, please call our friendly and experienced team on +44(0) 1933 400 080 or contact for more information.

A New Modern Day Office Space – ABL



Modern office trends provide colleagues with a fresh perspective and exciting views on how they work every day. The conventional work space is a thing of the past as breakout areas, gaming rooms, relaxation spaces and making the office “green” is in!

Building an office space which facilitates the needs of your employee is key to help increase productivity! From pool tables to moss on the wall, your employees will reap the benefits from working in a comfortable yet fun space!

ABL are passionate about helping every work space become faster, tidier and smarter by offering a range of ergonomic office furniture accessories including our newly improved smart charge configuration facility allowing the end user to charge a variety of devices quickly and safely.

Whilst providing a modern space in the workplace, companies need to ensure the wellbeing of all its employees by creating a safe environment to work in.  ABL are proud to offer a range of office accessories to help improve and promote health and safety. ABL’s range of monitor arms are carefully designed to easily move and position the screen to the correct eye level to help reduce lower neck pain.

Monitor arms are designed to be ergonomic and space-saving and all ABL arms do just that! With a functional, simple design that is quick to assemble, ABL’s range of flat screen monitor arms offers height and tilt adjustability providing comfort for the end-user. All our arms also feature a new quick release VESA plate and a variety of clamp types making it even easier to install and set up.  All our arms are available as a single and double and some brands can facilitate up to 6 monitors!

Need some further information on our range of ergonomic office furniture? Give our friendly sales team a call on +44 (0) 1933 400 080.


ABL Helping you work Faster, Tidier and Smarter!