Solo Phone Booth

When you need to work with maximum focus and minimal distraction, just get into a Solo Booth.

It’s a compact workspace with huge benefits. The Solo Booth is highly ergonomic and functional, packed with all the amenities you need to stay connected to, or away from, the outside world – anytime.

This Solo Booth is a single person private space suitable for uninterrupted work and making important calls.

This quiet and comfortable workspace can increase employee productivity, especially in an open-concept office.


  • Laminated Glass and Grade 1 Locksets
    • AH Meyer Power RJ45 Data Point and USB Charging
    • LED Stripe Light
    • Ventilation Fan
    • Motion Sensor
    • Laminated Worktop
    • Motion Sensor









To try out the Solo Booth pop into our Euston Showroom or call us on 020 7387 8217