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Journal Launch + Content Marketing with CFAS

Entries for our CFAS Autumn Electronic Journal have now closed and we have been delighted by the response. Packed with insightful articles, product releases, and industry news, this unique electronic edition of our sector’s leading publication is launching w/c 19th October.  This autumn we are reflecting these changing times by discussing adaptation and the use of open space by our members. 

If you’ve not yet signed up, be sure to subscribe for free by scrolling up and clicking the button in the top right of the page. Join over 23,000 recipients from across the commercial furniture spectrum, including:

• End users

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·       • Leisure and hospitality

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·       UK agents for Foreign manufacturers

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Content Marketing with CFAS

Have you heard of content marketing but don’t know how to get your message out?

CFAS is an ideal platform to boost your social media presence. It can help you build your brand’s trustworthiness by aligning yourself with the commercial furniture industry’s leading light. 

Do you have an idea for a longer-form article that is relevant to your clients, perhaps explaining the benefits of one of your products, or answering some common questions about your service? This is content marketing in a nutshell. By providing information such as this you are showing your company knows its stuff, while keeping you at the front of your customers’ minds. 

We always strive to re-share quality content by our members to thousands of followers across our social media accounts. So if you have written an article you’d like others to see, be sure to tag us in your posts or comments! View our social channels below:


CFAS Social Media Package

cfas social media services

Our social media package is best for companies whose customer base is technology focused, so their main line of promotion is through online and social media channels. 

Our package includes:

• CFAS website banner with click through to your website. Banner can be updated if required each month.

• CFAS live news feed: Weekly entries consisting of up to 100 words, image and logo. All feeds are published on the CFAS website, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook feeds.

• Social media shot: A whole page advert directed to all CFAS online contacts, and those that have subscribed to our online services.

• CFAS Brochure Hub: Up to 10 pages per brochure, providing online coverage of products on our Brochures page.

• CFAS Product Hub: CFAS online product catalogue, displaying a vast selection of Associates’s creations.