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How CFAS is Helping our Members Adapt During Uncertain Times

It’s fair to say that 2020 has been a rotten year for businesses around the world, and CFAS is no different. But we are excited to tell you about how we’re finding our new normal, and how we are helping our members adapt during these uncertain times.

We’d love to hear how our members’ businesses are adapting to the new normal in our October electronic Journal, and we are now inviting submissions. If you’d like to share your experiences with our vast readership, please get in touch.


Online journal

After recently speaking with many of our CFAS members,  and due to the situation we all find ourselves in,  it became apparent that our next highly regarded industry Journal publication should be released as an online-only version. We will of course return to hard copies soon.

But don’t worry – there will still be the same mix of industry news, insightful articles, and relevant advertising. Our theme for this edition covers Open Space and Adaptation. Are you providing products suited to Open Space? How have you helped the new social-distance friendly offices with their new layouts? Maybe you have provided the many homeworkers with office furniture and ergonomic accessories! Our October Journal is the perfect place to reach our vast audiences, both in the trade and end user community, including FM’s, A & D, Educational Sectors, Hospitality, Government bodies,  Dealers, and many more.

We have also created extra means of signing up for our journal, as we don’t want staff members who are working from home to miss out on getting a copy. If you haven’t yet signed up for an electronic copy of our next journal, you can do so by scrolling to the very top of the page and clicking “Get our FREE Journal”.



Social media support for members

We are here to advise and assist our members on how to get the best from social media during this challenging time. We dedicate ourselves to driving potential customers interested in your products and services to our site and social media feeds. You don’t have to worry about not having the time, knowledge or flair on how to communicate and keep up to date on business social media platforms – CFAS can do it all for you!

If you’re interested in learning more about social media and how it can work for your business, check out our recent article 7 Great Ways to Use Social Media Marketing for CFAS Members in 2020.


laptop and phone social media


Our Industry Database

We are updating our extensive industry database, to ensure we capture all COVID-related company changes. This lets us provide current and relevant data for our members, and helps us understand the difficulties our industry is facing in 2020.


Membership renewals

At CFAS we have understood the challenges of the current climate. That’s why we froze our membership renewal process from April, so members would not lose out.

We are so pleased that we have been able to provide continued support to our members with access to all the wonderful benefits of being a CFAS member during these difficult times.


Finding 2020’s new normal

Be it in preparing a COVID-safe working environment; making tough financial decisions; learning how to diversify into new markets; or taking stock of the industry as a whole; CFAS is here to offer support and advice to our members as they adapt to this year’s challenges. We are here to lend an ear, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Don’t forget – we’d love to hear how our members’ businesses are adapting to the new normal for our October journal, and we are now inviting submissions. If you’d like to tell us about your experiences, please get in touch!