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The office is not dead.

CFAS is reigniting interest for commercial furniture manufacturers, dealers, fit-out and service providers. Our industry is going to fight back and show the benefits of workplace designed furniture in COVID-19 safe environments.

We are now calling for submissions for our CFAS Autumn Electronic Journal, and have extended this invitation to non-members for the first time. Our Journal is full of articles, editorials, industry news, and members promotions, and is the perfect way to gain brand recognition in this difficult period.

Open Space and Adaptation

We want to hear from you about how your business has adapted to provide a COVID-19 secure environment, and we are especially interested in the stories of our members who have built new products to suit this emerging market.

Have you created a new range to aid social distancing, or altered your design strategy to accommodate the new normal? Get in touch with us today to secure your spot in the office furniture world’s leading industry publication:

Phone: 0845 388 7973

Sign Up to Read the CFAS Autumn Electronic Journal

Due to the increase in working from home, we want to ensure that everyone who will benefit from our Journal gets the chance to read it. We’ve made it really simple to sign up. Just scroll to the very top of the page and click “Get our FREE Journal”, enter your details, and the Journal will be sent direct to your inbox as soon as it’s released!

Helping Your Brand Grow

graphic design printing services

CFAS provides a range of services to support our members with promotions, digital media, and social media to gain brand recognition.

We can give you the tools you need to promote your products, from social media advice and management to the design and printing of marketing material.

What’s more, we’re currently offering special rates across the board to help our industry survive this crisis.

The OFAS Graphic Design Service provides professionally designed printed pieces that can transform the look and feel of your brand.

They create all styles of publications, including:

  • Magazines and newsletters
  • Journals and booklets
  • Annual reports
  • Brochures and leaflets
  • Advertisements

Working from scratch or from a supplied template, the process of crafting your ideal design will involve you at every step until you are happy with the result. Once you have approved your design, a PDF will be generated for a final sign-off before printing.

To discover more about how CFAS can help your brand weather the COVID storm and reach new audiences, check out our recent article How CFAS is Helping our Members Adapt During Uncertain Times.