Frem – Members of CFAS for Decades

Frem have been members of CFAS (formerly OFAS) for decades, as we value the benefits of being a member of an industry service in the commercial furniture world.  Today more than any other time, having CFAS as a support, as a media outlet and as a go-to advisory service is paramount to keeping up to date.

The CFAS Journal is an important advertising medium for us, and it pays dividends.  In the first week of release of the Winter Journal, we received two high value sales opportunities who both referenced the Journal and our advert.

Keep up the good work CFAS of raising awareness of your members to your vast following – in the words of a famous retail “every little helps”

With our new London showroom opening soon, CFAS will be one of our important marketing avenues.  So keep tuned-in to CFAS and Frem for further information.  From executive desking, home office, meeting pods and bespoke reception desks @frem can provide a workspace solution.  Contact us direct or through the CFAS website:

Dave Allcock

Managing Director, Frem Limited