cfas deadline 9th october


Our CFAS Autumn Electronic Journal is almost upon us, and we want your input!

The theme for the next edition is “Open Space” and “Adaptation” we welcome any contributions our members think will fit this category. The deadline for entries is 9th October.

What does “Open Spaces” mean?

There are many things that could fit into this category! Have you developed and created a brand new product suitable for outdoor use? Or have you adapted your working environment to give your staff extra room to work safely and efficiently?

Perhaps you’ve even adapted some of your current offerings to fit new workplace guidelines. For example, Sven Christiansen designed kits to quickly and easily reconfigure bench desk runs, into individual workstations, for enhanced social distancing compliance.

sven modulation office bench
The Sven Single-Sided Bench Conversion

If you’ve done something similar to this, or can answer any of the questions above, we’d love to hear from you.

Why contribute to the Journal?

This electronic journal will be published to a huge additional circulation. In addition to our near 8000 named contacts within facilities management, A & D, Manufacturing and dealerships, we have the opportunity to circulate to over 23,300 named contacts within the educational sector. These contacts cover all UK primary and secondary schools, colleges and Universities. It’s a perfect opportunity to help you grow your brand’s presence, both within and outside our industry, reaching audiences of every medium for maximum impact in the marketplace, giving you piece of mind that the right people know who you are and what you do.


No more ‘The Office is Dead’ CFAS is helping the industry to fight back and show the benefits of workplace designed furniture in COVID-19 friendly environments.

Special rates across the board to help our industry survive this crisis. Let’s do this…be part of the Autumn journal.

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Submission process

To submit artwork for the CFAS Autumn Electronic Journal, simply get in touch on the details below or visit our contact us page.

Phone: 0845 388 7973

We can’t wait to hear how our members have been finding their new normal, so make sure to get your entries in by 9th October.

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