NeoCon 2021

USA travel restrictions are lifted in November. A month too late for UK travellers to go to #NeoCon21. But never mind, if you cannot visit the Oasis-Berco Chicago showroom during NeoCon, then you can always visit the Frem London showroom to see great products!

Oasis Linear Studio Pod – New Features for a Healthier Work Place



Personalised light controls, moving from cool-to-warm lighting, with dimmable control. Providing different lighting levels for different tasks.

Visit our Clerkenwell Showroom to see it in action.

CFAS Winter Journal 2021: Call for Generic Editorial Pieces

Last week we announced that our CFAS Winter Journal 2021 will be released in January. Following feedback from our Associates, we have decided to continue with our electronic edition alongside physical copies of our industry leading publication.

The main talking points in our Winter Journal will be Essential Products for Home Working and Easing Your Brexit Transition. In addition to these we’re looking for generic editorial pieces, and we are pleased to extend this offer to both members and non-members.

What’s the benefit of running a generic editorial?

Do you feel that your company is less visible than it was before the pandemic? By running an editorial in our Journal you can increase your brand recognition and prove that your industry knowledge is second to none. Each generic editorial will be credited to yourself and your company name. 

Our Journals are received by more than 28,000 contacts across a broad range of relevant industry sectors and end-users. See the breakdown of their roles and industries in the pie chart below:

who receives our publications pie chart cfas

What could my generic editorial feature?

Your editorial could feature almost anything that you believe is relevant to your brand and our industry.

Recent submissions include Moving the Workforce Towards Sit-Stand Solutions by FIRA International; Designs on Changing Areas, an article about club and hospitality locker rooms, and Specifying Desktop USB Power by Broadpower.

empty stylish office space

How much does it cost?

We are very pleased to offer generic editorial placements free of charge for those who have taken out a quarter, half, or full page advert. Combining these two tactics will greatly increase your visibility in our next Journal, helping make sure our recipients know who you are and what you offer.

How do I learn more and submit my article?

To submit a generic editorial for the CFAS 2021 Winter Journal, simply get in touch on the details below, our contact us page, or our social channels.

Phone: 0845 388 7973

The Story Behind our Access Rating Article

One of the most eye-catching articles in this Autumn’s CFAS Journal was kindly provided for us by Access Rating.

Access Rating is a crowdfunded app concept, which exists to amplify the voices of the disabled community. They wish to drive positive changes to access, and hope to achieve this by letting its users review and vote on establishments around the country. Venues will receive feedback on their current accessibility, helping guide them towards becoming more wheelchair-friendly.

Bringing the article to CFAS

Founder of the app Mark Esho approached the newly formed Academy of Disabled Journalists, asking them to run a competition among its students. The winner would have their piece published in our CFAS Autumn Electronic Journal. They were provided with a brief and some background information to help them with their task.

Mark said of the winner Kirsteen Allison, “We were delighted to receive such a high-quality article from your student Kirsteen. It was extremely informative, and with a limited brief explained the key areas of our organisation very well – we particularly loved the mention of encouraging business to attract ‘diverse talent” as this is some we are striving to achieve with Access Rating. The future of journalism is very bright with talent like Kirsteen Allison.”

Kirsten is a student of the Academy. They offer A-Level equivalent qualifications for Disability Living Allowance or Personal Independence Payment recipients, and Kirsteen is currently working towards an NCTJ-accredited Certificate of Foundation in Journalism.

What’s next for Access Rating?

Access Rating has big plans for the future, with international expansion alongside insights into the most accessible venues in the UK. As a social enterprise run by disabled people for disabled people, they plan to provide disability access consultancy for establishments who want to improve their facilities. They are also offering job coaching and work experience schemes for young people currently based in the Midlands, and are looking for more businesses who can offer these hard-working students work experience placements.

They are on a mission to reach 100,000 access reviews by 2021, and are currently recruiting disabled or able-bodied people with a desire to make the world a more accessible place. These Access Champions will be at the forefront of the accessibility revolution – leading by example and submitting quality access reviews on a weekly basis.

the principles of access rating
Graphic c/o

If you or your company would like to be involved with this landmark project either as a partner, a work experience provider, or a local Access Champion, you can contact Access Rating via the contact page of their website, or on the details below:

Phone: 0116 277 9055

Read the CFAS Autumn Electronic Journal below

Create “NEW LIFE” With Your Existing Furniture

At E W Marshall we are proud to offer our Re-use, Re-work and Re-cycle scheme for all of your existing Office Furniture.

This service allows you an affordable opportunity to Create “NEW LIFE” with your existing furniture, whilst still maintaining a high standard of quality as well as providing you with a sustainable approach to the environment.

The Importance Of Cable Management

Cable and Wire Management is an important process in ensuring your Office/Workplace meets Health & Safety guidelines. Products such as Desk Cable Tidies and Snap Fit Bushes are designed specifically for office use, providing a simple and easy to install solution.

At Vital Parts we offer a wide range of Cable & Wire Management products, suited for all kinds of applications.

View our selection at

Benefits of Changing Your Chair Feet

Chair and Furniture Feet need regular replacement to ensure their effectiveness across all types of surfaces. Worn or damaged Chair/Furniture Feet can damage the flooring that they are placed on as well as the leg itself, causing costly repair bills further down the line.

Why not fix the issue before it becomes too big of a problem not to?

View our selection today

Worth Sleeping On

As bespoke furniture manufacturers, Crown Sports Lockers can exactly tailor supply to demand, not only for traditional storage solutions but also for ancillary requirements including staff room fittings, school dormitories, cupboards and wardrobes.

At Stover School, Newton Abbot, for instance, we worked to tight timelines and budgets fitting dormitory furniture, beds, and storage areas in time for Michaelmas term at the leading coeducational day and boarding establishment.
Crown offers far more than just lockers – we’re a single manufacturing source crafting complete furniture fitouts, with a dedicated project manager as your sole point of contact from start to finish.

Time for Change

Time for change.

Sites across the UK are starting to switch over to the new £1 coin. The old coin ceases to be legal tender in October but no point in waiting until the last minute to ensure your storage, changing or washroom facilities take the 12-sided currency.

Crown can convert existing locks to accommodate both old and new so that when the time comes, you enjoy a seamless switchover.

Don’t shut the door on your customers, members, staff and visitors. Convert locks now to the new £1 coin.