Miro: CMD Ltd Unveils the Next Generation of Monitor Arm

Unveiled at The Virtual Interiors Event, where CMD Ltd was a lead sponsor, the Miro Monitor Arm brings a completely new approach to monitor arm design with synchronised vertical movement for a more space-efficient and easy to use solution.

Designed by Andrew Wills, the designer behind the world’s best selling monitor arms, Miro continues CMD Ltd’s track record of innovation with a solution that combines perfect balance, vertical movement and simple construction. The result is a monitor arm that’s robust enough to hold a monitor of up to 10kg, offers a minimalist aesthetic and provides a finger touch operation. Ideal for large format curved screens and touchscreens, it’s ideal for the office of the future.


Business Rescue, Support and Insolvency Webinar Series

In this series of webinars, we will be providing information to assist businesses to steer their way through the next few months and beyond.  Pressure will be mounting in numerous businesses with the deferred VAT from last March becoming due for payment, the repayments due to commence on a number of Bounce Back Loans, the furlough scheme coming to an end once restrictions are eased as well as creditors now being able to bring action against a Company.


These webinars are designed to provide information to business owners to identify difficulties early to try and avoid insolvency if at all possible, to help reduce personal liability should the need for an insolvency process arise as well as educating business owners on the options available to restructure and rescue the business.


These webinars are suitable for business owners as well as those advising business owners such as Accountants, Financial Advisors and Solicitors. This series is designed to assist businesses at all stages of the lifecycle in becoming more resilient, not just those in difficulty.


The four part series will cover the following areas:






These bitesized webinars are free to attend and can be booked individually although participation on all four is encouraged. Please register via the online booking form, joining links will be emailed out prior to the webinar start date.


If you have any further questions please contact events@emc-dnl.co.uk


Kind Regards


The Chamber team

Launch of Galaxy Healthcare Booths

Manufacturing ‘specials’ is a daily thing for us at the Frem Group.  Some products eventually become part of our product portfolio and some remain a one-off.
After continual demand as a special, we are pleased to launch Galaxy Healthcare Booths into our standard product range.
Suitable for testing, vaccinations, screening and privacy, these booths are being requested by companies who are looking at the last 12months and deciding to bring proactive healthcare into their organisation. In the grand scheme of things companies who offered the flu jab to their workforce were few and far between.  Understanding the effect that a virus can have on their workforce and therefore their organisation has prompted many to purchase booths fit for this purpose.  We still do not know if we will need an annual vaccine, but companies are gearing up to support their workforce by having facilities available.
If you want to find out more about these Galaxy Healthcare Booths, please call or use the weblink:
Tel: 01604 756567

Launch of Galaxy Healthcare Booths


From ‘special’ to part of our standard product portfolio. Introducing Galaxy Healthcare Booths, manufactured as specials, by popular demand now our standard product offering.



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Exciting New Product Launch @The Virtual Interiors Event (24-25 February)

Register for your free ticket here: https://e3079.hubilo.com/ticketing/#/ticket

Innovation is what’s helped CMD Ltd bring popular products to the #officeinteriors market so we’re delighted to be collaborating with renowned product designer, Andrew Wills on an exciting new product launch. The designer behind the Wishbone and Flo monitor arms, Andrew has been hard at work developing a game changing product for us. All will be revealed at @The Virtual Interiors Event (24-25 February). Come and see us there to find out all about it.



Register for your free ticket here: https://e3079.hubilo.com/ticketing/#/ticket


Lift Your Laptop to Eye Level

Frem – Members of CFAS for Decades

Frem have been members of CFAS (formerly OFAS) for decades, as we value the benefits of being a member of an industry service in the commercial furniture world.  Today more than any other time, having CFAS as a support, as a media outlet and as a go-to advisory service is paramount to keeping up to date.

The CFAS Journal is an important advertising medium for us, and it pays dividends.  In the first week of release of the Winter Journal, we received two high value sales opportunities who both referenced the Journal and our advert.

Keep up the good work CFAS of raising awareness of your members to your vast following – in the words of a famous retail “every little helps”

With our new London showroom opening soon, CFAS will be one of our important marketing avenues.  So keep tuned-in to CFAS and Frem for further information.  From executive desking, home office, meeting pods and bespoke reception desks @frem can provide a workspace solution.  Contact us direct or through the CFAS website:


Dave Allcock

Managing Director, Frem Limited

Deliver Cleaner Air to Your Workplace

Leitz TruSens Small Room and Medium Room Air Purifiers

Z -1000 – From quiet speed to Turbo cleaning mode, the Z-1000 has been carefully optimized to deliver cleaner air. https://lnkd.in/dfyKhkk

Z-2000 – Remote sensing has been proven to provide more accurate readings of the air quality in a room. https://lnkd.in/d_KMQky

Are you breathing in clean air?

Electric Height Adjustable Meeting Tables


NEW – ConSet 501-47 series. Ideal for electric height adjustable meeting tables. 2 or 3 legged versions, Chrome, Black or White. see www.conset.org.uk or call 01245 477922 for full details.

Also shown, 501-37 series on wheels. ConSet are specialists for electric desk frames since year 200o. UK trade shipments Tuesday and Thursday each week from Denmark.