Linoleum for Furniture

Linoleum – the very word conjures up 1970’s kitchen flooring, did you know this has been developed for furniture.

Linoleum in a satin matt surface is a warm, fine texture. Naturally antistatic, the surface resists build-up of static charges, preventing dust or dirt sticking to it, ensuring the material remains unblemished, hygienic and clean. Tests prove Linoleum inhibits bacteria such as MRSA, C Difficile, Norovirus, Acinetobacter baumannii.

97% raw materials and biodegradable.

Visit our showroom to see our Slat Reception Desk with a linoleum top, in Pistachio, a great match with oak veneer Valchromat.

Biophilic Design with Novus A-Zone

Planting can make a workplace environment welcoming, familiar and colourful.

Our Novus A-Zone collaborative bench system has been designed to have mesh panels with planters and a mesh gantry which can house plants.


Preserved planting gives you the immediate impact. Natureverde Preserved Foliage is a great solution to introducing biophilic design onto the Novus A-Zone. It is real preserved plant material so looks and feels authentic, with none of the sustainability issues of plastic plants and no need to water like real plants.

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Rapid Ergonomic Workstation Set-up from CMD Ltd

For companies adopting agile working models, CMD Ltd is

 making rapid ergonomic set-up easier at home or in the office with the company’s Laptop Stand and Inca modules.


CMD Ltd’s Laptop stand is quick and easy to set-up and folds flat, making it convenient to pack away at home and easy to transport. It can be used with any laptop or tablet up to 4kgs. The Inca module is the ideal partner to the Laptop Stand, providing 4 socket locations for the specifier’s choice of power, USB charging, RJ45 and HDMI. The combo is all part of CMD Ltd’s commitment to making homes work.

Frem Supports the Arts

Have you visited our new showroom yet?

If not you may not have seen artists appearing under our Frem supports the Arts initiative. We are opening our showroom to artists to present their artwork, demonstrating not only their skill, but also how artwork can enhance the workplace, creating an inspiring and stylish environment.



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Quick and Easy Install from CMD Ltd’s Vision H Ergonomic Workstation

With continuing uncertainty about Covid-19 and many employers now offering their teams a mix of home and office working, supporting wellbeing and productivity with an ergonomic home workstation is a must.

CMD Ltd is making homes work with the company’s Vision H Ergonomic Workstation.  Easy to install and capable of supporting screens and laptops of up to 5kgs, the Vision H range offers a choice of single monitor support, dual monitor support or single monitor + laptop support. There is even the option of including three power sockets and USB type A&C charging for a complete homeworking solution.

CO2 Sensor for Maximum Comfort


Visit our new London showroom to experience the air filtration system in our Oasis Linear Team Pod. Did you know that it has a CO2 sensor which automatically increases the airflow to accommodate for maximum user comfort. Silently working without interruption to your meeting or video conference.

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Mixology Finalist – 2 in 2 years!


Two in two years!

This years @Mix Interiors double awards ceremony, Frem have become a finalist for Loose Furniture Product of the Year, for both years!

Thanks to our amazing Design Team, and superb Manufacturing Teams.

What a Lovely Coincidence!

A match made in heaven!

Our Oasis Soft Media Hub with its curved shape required no adaptation to fit into the curve of the iconic wedge shaped Printworks. Now that alone was reason to move into this impressive building.


Come and see for yourself as our showroom is now open and covid-ready to accept visitors.

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Frem Supports the Arts

Frem supports the Arts

Proving that art has a place in every environment.

Be inspired when you walk around our showroom at the style, inspiration, craftsmanship and attention to detail, whether furniture or original artwork.

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